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Shafira A. Hexagraha

Shafira Anindia Alif Hexagraha (Hexa) assists domestic companies and multinationals on transactional matters and projects and is heavily involved in projects in the energy and natural resources sector. Prior to joining SSEK, Hexa spent almost four years at another leading law firm in Jakarta, where she was extensively involved in project development matters, with a Shafira A. Hexagraha

Katherine A. Salim

Katherine Abidea Salim joined SSEK in 2022 and her work has focused on general corporate matters. She has also been involved in a variety of projects concerning foreign investment, employment law and mergers and acquisitions. At university, Katherine was actively involved in international moot court competitions. She was the champion of the Indonesian round of Katherine A. Salim

Bagas Ananta

Bagas Ananta has worked on a variety of transactions at SSEK, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, foreign investment, employment law, dispute resolution, and general corporate and commercial matters. Before coming to SSEK, Bagas spent two years at a midsize law firm in Jakarta, where he was involved in various corporate and commercial matters, Bagas Ananta

Talitha A. Ekadhani

Talitha Amanda Ekadhani focuses on mergers and acquisitions, arbitration and dispute resolution, and corporate and commercial law. Prior to joining SSEK, Talitha spent two years at an international-affiliated law firm in Jakarta, where she was involved in various corporate and commercial matters, with a focus on M&A transactions, foreign direct investment, arbitration and dispute resolution, Talitha A. Ekadhani

Velicia Khoswan

Velicia Khoswan has been involved in a variety of projects at SSEK, with a focus on general corporate law. Prior to joining SSEK, Velicia worked at a private company as a legal officer. While at university, Velicia was active in several student organizations. She is fluent in English and Indonesian.

Kusuma W. Halim

Kusuma Wijaja Halim (Uma) is involved in a wide range of projects at SSEK, including legal advisory services, corporate secretarial, legal due diligence, commercial documentation review, general corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, licensing and regulatory compliance, trade law, and real property. Prior to joining SSEK, Uma interned at another prominent law firm in Jakarta and Kusuma W. Halim

Farrah Azizah Habibie

Farrah Azizah Habibie is involved in a variety of projects at SSEK, with a focus on general corporate and commercial matters. At university, Farrah was active in moot court competitions. She received a gold medal for Mediation Advocacy at the 2020 International Mediation Singapore competition. Farrah also was involved in student organizations and helped to Farrah Azizah Habibie

Fadhira Mediana

Fadhira Mediana joined SSEK in 2021 and has been active in a variety of projects, with a focus on general corporate matters, mergers and acquisitions, legal due diligence exercises, state-owned enterprises, and land matters. While at university, Fadhira was active in international moot court competitions, including the 2019 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Fadhira Mediana

Agung K. Sihombing

Agung Kurniawan Sihombing works on corporate transactions, privacy matters, and projects and transactions in the ecommerce, payment systems, financial services, environment, employment, and immigration sectors. Agung has assisted the Ministry of Communication and Informatics as the buyer in an international procurement project for the development of a data center, advised multinational companies on environmental remediation, Agung K. Sihombing

Dian Kirana

Dian Kirana (Deka) graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia in 2012. She then joined a top-tier law firm specialising in intellectual property (“IP”) in the same year and spent over the first seven years of her professional life there, where she handled various IP prosecution and litigation matters involving trademarks, patents, copyrights, Dian Kirana