SSEK Contributes Q&A Guide on Insurance and Reinsurance in Indonesia

SSEK Contributes Q&A Guide on Insurance and Reinsurance in Indonesia
2 Februari 2021

Ira A. Eddymurthy, a senior partner at SSEK, has contributed a Q&A guide on Insurance and Reinsurance in Indonesia.

The Thomson Reuters Practical Guide on Insurance and Reinsurance in Indonesia provides a high-level overview of the market trends and regulatory framework in the insurance and reinsurance market; the definitions for a contract of insurance and a contract of reinsurance; the regulation of insurance and reinsurance contracts; the forms of corporate organisation an insurer can take; and the regulation of insurers and reinsurers, including regulation of the transfer of risk.

It also covers operating restrictions for insurance and reinsurance entities; reinsurance monitoring and disclosure requirements; content requirements for policies and implied terms; insurance and reinsurance claims; remedies; insolvency of insurance and reinsurance providers; taxation; dispute resolution; and proposals for reform.

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