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Every year since 1994, SSEK has sent some of our associates overseas to study as part of our professional development program.

Training Center

SSEK’s office features a large multifunction room capable of sitting up to 70 people and hosts many of our training programs and seminars. Local law organizations and student groups are encouraged to use our facility for their events and training. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Seminars, Conferences & Publications

All our attorneys are encouraged to continue learning while on the job and participate in legal and business conferences and workshops. They are also encouraged to write articles and contribute to academic law journals.

Visiting Instructors

Leading experts from government agencies and ministries and the private sector are invited to provide presentations to our lawyers in our training center.

Lawyer Classes

Lawyer classes are held regularly to discuss a current and relevant Indonesian legal issue. Every associate is encouraged to lead a class in discussion and prepare and present materials on their chosen topic.

Focus Groups

SSEK attorneys are organized and encouraged to participate in focus groups that delve into issues facing a specific practice area. They involve senior lawyers working closely with junior associates.