The Future of Work: Embracing Remote Workplaces – Free Webinar

The Future of Work: Embracing Remote Workplaces – Free Webinar
20 October 2020

Join the Employment Law Alliance (ELA), a global network of leading labor, employment and immigration lawyers, for The Future of Work: Embracing Remote Workplaces, a complimentary webinar on remote workplaces.

This free 90-minute webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, October 27. This webinar is ideal for company executives and line managers who need to understand how the new normal will impact their roles as leaders into the future.

About the Webinar

Technology and innovation - friend or foe in remote work settings? In this webinar, ELA clients and experts will explore the critical challenges employers face in adapting to remote workspaces, including employer liabilities, employee accommodation, additional training, cybersecurity and maintaining corporate culture.

Employment Law Alliance

The Employment Law Alliance is the most comprehensive network of labor and employment attorneys in the world. ELA members provide employment, labor and immigration expertise in more than 135 countries around the globe and all 50 U.S. states. They work closely together to ensure that their clients' legal matters are handled seamlessly wherever they do business. ELA provides a smarter, more efficient and effective alternative to using a single multi-national law firm.

SSEK is the ELA's member firm for Indonesia.

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