SSEK Proud to Support 1000 Days Fund and Indonesia’s Fight to End Stunting

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SSEK Proud to Support 1000 Days Fund and Indonesia’s Fight to End Stunting
19 September 2019

SSEK is happy to announce its corporate sponsorship of the 1000 Days Fund and its campaign to address stunting and chronic malnutrition in Indonesia.

The 1000 Days Fund works in 16 provinces in Indonesia. The NGO's package of interventions is centered on  height charts, which are installed in homes, and includes training and data sharing with local government officials and NGOs to build capacity and strengthen health systems. The 1000 Days Fund works hand in hand with local health workers in villages to create six-month plans aimed at enhancing maternal, infant and child nutrition and hygiene.

This is all part of the 1000 Days Fund's campaign to mobilize Indonesia toward a national commitment to zero stunting by 2030.

SSEK\'s sponsorship is helping to directly support health programs for children and pregnant women in villages in East Nusa Tenggara and West Java.

What is stunting?

Stunting arises from prolonged undernutrition and affects physical and brain development. According to statistics, as many as one out of every three Indonesian children under the age of 5 are stunted. Stunting robs children of up to 10 IQ points, makes them 10 times more prone to illness and can leave them locked in a cycle of poverty.

The first 1000 days of life are a key time for development and growth. Mothers and babies need good nutritious food, quality healthcare, and a clean and healthy environment.

You can learn more about 1000 Days Fund and its programs from its website and on LinkedIn.

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