SSEK Partner Moderates National Webinar on Foreign Workers in Indonesia

SSEK Partner Moderates National Webinar on Foreign Workers in Indonesia
12 June 2024

SSEK Law Firm partner Stephen Igor Warokka hosted a recent national webinar on the Implementation of Regulations for Foreign Workers (TKA) and Immigration Residence Permits for Foreigners in Indonesia.

The event was organized by the Indonesia Labor Law Consultants Association (Himpunan Konsultan Hukum Ketenagakerjaan Indonesia or HKHKI).

A number of guest speakers were on hand to share their knowledge and experience. They were:


  • Haryanto, S.H., M.H., director of control of the use of TKA at the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ali Chaidar Zamani, a sub-coordinator for feasibility testing and ratification of expatriate placement hiring plans (RPTKA) at the Ministry of Manpower
  • Tessar Bayu Setyaji,, S.H., chairman of the Agency for the Transfer of Residence Permit Status at the Directorate General of Immigration
  • Ruslan Irianto Simbolon, S.E., M.M., a member of the HKHKKI Honorary Council.

More than 200 people joined the webinar to hear from these experts.

The Indonesia Labor Law Consultants Association (HKHKI) is an independent organization that takes an active role in providing input to the government on employment-related laws and regulations. You can learn more about the HKHKI and their activities on LinkedIn.

Stephen Igor Warokka is a partner in SSEK’s labor and employment practice and a supervising partner in the firm’s immigration law and work permit practice. He is the head of the International Relations Division of HKHKI.

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