SSEK Legal Consultants Celebrates 25 Years in Indonesia

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SSEK Legal Consultants Celebrates 25 Years in Indonesia
18 August 2017

SSEK Legal Consultants is celebrating its 25th anniversary as one of Indonesia's leading corporate law firms. SSEK opened its doors on August 19, 1992, in the heart of Jakarta's business district, with founding partners Dyah Soewito and Ira A. Eddymurthy, to provide world-class legal services to companies doing business in the growing Indonesian economy.

The First 10 Years

During SSEK's first decade, Indonesia experienced dramatic growth as well as extraordinary challenges. The government in the early '90s foresaw the need to deregulate and also to modernize its legal system. There was a dramatic increase in economic growth, and SSEK was fortunate to ride that economic growth and it quickly grew from a small practice to more than 30 lawyers.

SSEK was also an active participant and leader in Indonesia's law reform efforts not only were SSEK's lawyers engaged in building the firm's practice, but they were helping to build Indonesia's legal system as well.

When the 1998 financial crisis struck, SSEK helped guide clients through the maze of changes that would help shape the Indonesia of today, achieving milestones and recognition as one of Indonesia's leading law firms.

SSEK Today

Over the next 15 years until today, SSEK has experienced continued growth and success. SSEK and its attorneys have continued to receive recognition in Indonesia and internationally. SSEK is now one of the largest independent law firms in Indonesia and one of its most recognized and highly regarded law firms.

After 25 years working with leading multinationals and domestic companies, SSEK remains committed to its original vision.

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