SSEK Assists SYSTEMIQ on Local Waste Management Projects in Indonesia

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SSEK Assists SYSTEMIQ on Local Waste Management Projects in Indonesia
12 April 2022

SSEK Legal Consultants has assisted SYSTEMIQ, a systems change company, in its work with its partners in Indonesia to design and implement local waste management projects. These projects are designed and operated to be self-sustaining through the generation of plastic credits and other local revenue sources (e.g., household waste fees, material sales).

Plastic credits are a relatively new ecosystem payment scheme operating under, among others, a framework developed by Verra, an organization that has developed standards for verifying and validating projects involving the collection and/or recycling of plastic waste. The proceeds from these projects in Indonesia will be reinvested in the local projects, under a circular economic model.

SSEK advised SYSTEMIQ on the legal aspects of the project structure including the rights of various stakeholders under Indonesia\'s Waste Management Law and the structuring of ownership of and/or rights to the plastic credits. SSEK also advised SYSTEMIQ on the structuring of project contracts pursuant to which plastic credits can be generated and sold.

The plastic waste management projects being led by SYSTEMIQ will be among the first such verified projects in Indonesia.

The SSEK team working on these pioneering projects is led by senior foreign legal advisor Jonathan M. Streifer, with associates Aldilla S. Suwana and Mutiara K. Ramadhani.

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