SSEK and the Employment Law Alliance

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SSEK and the Employment Law Alliance
7 January 2021

The Employment Law Alliance (ELA) is a global network of leading labor and employment lawyers. SSEK is the ELA member firm for Indonesia.

The ELA is the world\'s largest network of labor and employment lawyers, offering a comprehensive and cost-effective way for multinational companies to ensure legal compliance around the globe. The ELA network has more than 3,000 employment and labor lawyers in more than 100 countries and all 50 U.S. states. ELA\'s lawyers work closely together to handle clients’ legal needs seamlessly wherever they do business. It is a more efficient and effective alternative to using a single multinational law firm.

No other multinational law firm or law firm network has the breadth of experience or the caliber of employment and labor law expertise as the lawyers in the ELA network. Member law firms, such as SSEK, are considered the pre-eminent law firm for all labor and employment issues in their respective jurisdictions.

To find premier employment and labor law attorneys around the world go to

And visit the SSEK firm page on the ELA website here.

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