Practical Law: Investing in Indonesia

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Practical Law: Investing in Indonesia
29 July 2016

Rusmaini Lenggogeni and Syahdan Z. Aziz of SSEK Legal Consultants have contributed the Indonesia chapter of the Investing in ... Global Guide, in association with First Law International. The Investing in ... Global Guide provides a high-level overview of the key factors affecting inward investment. It provides information on legal systems, investment restrictions, tax incentives, imports and import duties, safety regulations and standards for commercial goods and services, and details of international treaties, customs and monetary unions. To read the Indonesia chapter of Investing in ... Global Guide, click Investing in Indonesia. First Law International is a leading global network of independent, national law firms known as FLI NETTM. FLI NET specializes in providing multinational clients cross-border legal support on a global basis. SSEK Legal Consultants is the FLI NET member firm for Indonesia.

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