Labor and Employment Law in Indonesia – Background Information on Applicants

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Labor and Employment Law in Indonesia – Background Information on Applicants
24 September 2019

There is no prohibition against background checks on job applicants in Indonesia. Employers in Indonesia can perform background checks on appli­cants themselves or by using a third-party service. Certain background checks are, in practice, subject to the consent of the applicant.

Medical Checks

An employer can require a potential employee to undergo a medical examination as a condition of employment, as long as the same treat­ment is applied to all potential employees. The potential employee should give his or her written consent to both the examination and the release of the results to the employer. An employer can refuse to hire an applicant who does not submit or agree to the release of the results to the employer.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing can be carried out only in limited circum­stances; for instance, where working under the influence of drugs or alcohol could give rise to health and safety considerations (eg, where employees drive or operate machinery) or serious damage to the employer's business. The applicant must consent to the test. Drug and alcohol testing should be carried out during employment only if justified, necessary and proportionate, and with the consent of the employee.

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