Employment Law Alliance: FAQs on Covid-19

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Employment Law Alliance: FAQs on Covid-19
9 April 2020

The Asia Pacific member firms of the Employment Law Alliance, including SSEK in Indonesia, have put together a set of FAQs to deal with some of the more common questions relating to Covid-19.

The Covid-19 situation has brought about great uncertainty for the world. Employers have not been spared. It can be challenging to wade through the ever-changing notices, advisories and guidelines issued by the different governments.

As the situation is constantly evolving, readers should take note that this FAQ is accurate as at 6 April 2020.

You can find the full document here.

About the ELA

The Employment Law Alliance is the most comprehensive network of labor and employment attorneys in the world. ELA members provide employment, labor and immigration expertise in more than 135 countries around the globe and all 50 U.S. states. They work closely together to ensure that their clients‚Äô legal matters are handled seamlessly wherever they do business. ELA provides a smarter, more efficient and effective alternative to using a single multinational law firm.

SSEK Legal Consultants is the ELA\'s member firm for Indonesia.

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