Doing Business in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific

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Doing Business in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific
1 October 2020

The International Bar Association (IBA) Asia Pacific Regional Forum has produced a comprehensive guide to doing business in the Asia Pacific, covering 11 jurisdictions including Indonesia.

Doing Business in Asia Pacific is designed as an important tool for both investors and the legal profession when approaching certain critical aspects in the covered jurisdictions. Covered topics include business and corporate structures, business environment, competition law, dispute resolution, employment, financing, foreign investment, industrial relations, intellectual property, privacy laws and data protection, restructuring and insolvency, takeovers (friendly M&A) and tax law.

SSEK\'s Michael S. Carl and Stephen Igor Warokka covered the chapters on Employment Law and Privacy Laws and Data Protection for the Indonesia doing business guide.

You can find the guide on doing business in Indonesia here.

For the complete Doing Business in Asia Pacific guide, go here.

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